Hello! I’m Millie Turner and I’m the photographer behind Photography by Mildred. 
Originally from Nottingham, I trained as an actor at The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland graduating in 2014, and still continue to work as an actor.
My photography has grown from an interest: in technology (specifically cameras), people (specifically, but not exclusively, performers) and creativity (in all it’s varied forms). Similar to acting capturing a great photo requires preparation coupled with a freedom on the day to go with what’s happening, and that's what I love.
I specialise in Headshots, Portraits and Events, but am open to any photographic ideas you may have. Have an idea? Think I might be able to help you fulfil it? Then drop me an email. I’m constantly building and looking for new people/companies to collaborate with.
Currently working as in-house photographer for the British Film Institute London for FLARE Festival and London Film Festival 2019 + 2020.
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